Sunday, June 18, 2006

Knit in Memories

I've noticed that I knit memories into my projects. For instance, while working on the chest of Jim's gansey I watched Fiddler on the Roof for the first time all the way through. For me, the sight of that needle work reminds me of the poor struggling to survive with grace. That movie tied in nicely to the thoughts I was having about the nature of knitting as a hobby.

Not so long ago, people knit because it was necessary. You could liken it to doing the dishes, or cooking a meal. Today, we debate over why we should even bother when you can get the same garment in a store, cheaper. It's a moot point in my opinion. The reality of the situation is that our culture is so incredibly rich. By the standards of most cultures, at just about any time in human history, we are wealthy in the extreme.

Yet, our culture is so poor socially. People live fragmented lives and it takes a definite effort to keep in contact with friends and family. For me, knitting has been a way to create a community. My therapist calls it my knit-work. This blog is a way for me to extend that community and it's exciting and scary opportunity. It feels like I'm learning to tap dance in public. I hope I don't fall on my face too many times.

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