Monday, June 06, 2011

Workin it

So Louise got me worried that I might not have time to spin and knit socks for my dad.  Brenda reassured me, but still, life does happen doesn't it? It wouldn't hurt for me to bump these socks to the top of the queue.  There's already a quadrillion projects on the needles, all lovely things, but abandoned for various good reasons. What's one more?

So I finished up the first skein of yarn and started in on my sock.  The first incarnation was beautiful, though in this picture the color is washed out.

I loved how the cables popped in my yarn. What a thrill to see my handspun making really nice cables!  But the sock was too big, and I was worried about my yarn supply.  So I ripped it. boo.

So I switched to a toe up, with no cables, and here's the second version of the sock all knit up:
I don't think the pattern does my yarn justice, it's a simple beaded rib, but I now have some yarn to spare.  It just looks like a dad sock, doesn't it? The color, and the simple ribs are classic for dads and granddads.

And on Sunday, I finished the second skein of yarn.
I was freakin out on Sunday morning when I was plying this thinking I'd made a noticeably thinner yarn. I was so upset, but I figured, I'd just knit a sock with the same rib pattern, only more stitches. It bugged me though.  But after washing and drying, no, it's the same weight.  All that self-flagellation for nothing!

I'm very pleased with my spinning progress. The yarn is squooshy, mostly even, and a delight to work with. I don't care if it doesn't wear well, because truth to tell, I think my dad will love these socks so much he'll hardly wear them.


  1. I couldn't imagine a more heartfelt gift! I'm knitting socks for my Dad but it's definitely not handspun.

  2. I can't believe how far you've come with spinning, and how quickly you've gotten to this point. Great dad socks, great yarn, great love in that gift.

  3. I did like the cables, but these are truly 'guy' socks.

  4. Oh how satisfying it must be to work the yarn and then the socks! Beautiful job (Lucky Dad!)

  5. Your dad is one lucky guy!

  6. Wow, you are speedy! I agree the socks are perfect Dad socks. Only one left to knit, you'll have time to spare! I have one to go as well and I didn't spin the yarn. I guess I am slacking, lol!

  7. I am in awe of you! Your fibre talents are endless. Love the socks and the yarn you spun :-) Happy Fathers day to your DAD!