Sunday, October 02, 2011

Connecting the Generations

My mother-in-law Cynthia is now 87 and has reduced her knitting output. She finds it difficult to hold a pattern in her head she told me, but felt that she had one more teddy bear left in her. So I gave her some of my handspun and asked her if she would make that last teddy bear for me and that I would save it aside for any future grandchildren that I might have.

She must have really liked that idea because in short order there was this:

Doesn't she look pleased with herself?! And it turns out that this will not be the last of the bears coming from her needles. She asked me for more yarn because her therapist has requested four more bears for the therapist's grandchildren. Jim said "Smart therapist."

I'm happy to keep my mother-in-law in yarn for as long as she wants. Even if her preferred type is acrylic.


  1. Anonymous4:22 am

    And she should be pleased with herself! That bear sure is cute. I guess you will be busy getting the yarn ready for her next four. Great job!
    Esther in Ottawa

  2. VERY smart therapist but how smart of you to get her back at the needles in the first place!

  3. Isn't that wonderful that she is back to knitting (with your help of course)!
    That teddy bear is adorable:-)

  4. Forgot to add....maybe (with your help) you can get her to appreciate real wool and alpaca yarn :-) Turn her into a yarn snob, like us!

  5. That's wonderful. And I would encourage the bears because I feel that having a purpose/role/need is part of what gives us that drive to exist... I miss my grandmother's terribly so enjoy yours!

  6. Very smart therapist. It is wonderful to have that bear. You should both be proud.

  7. Smart therapist -- and smart you, too, for getting her to pick up her needles again! She's just made a terrific connection to the next generation.