Sunday, October 16, 2011

Productive Weekend

We had a major milestone this weekend as Jim ripped up the old flooring in our living room and installed new laminate. Our old floor was an engineered hardwood floor that was scratched by Dexter's toe nails and had suffered water damage in multiple locations. We also had carpet in the main living area that used to be an off white but had graduated to an indescribable level of filth. Not that we didn't try at first, but at some point I think we gave up, knowing that the flooring had to be replaced.

Jim started with the landing, so I snapped a shot showing both the old and new.

And here's the whole room finished.

I think it looks very cozy. While Jim was working hard, I went shopping and bought the area rug and the drapes. I know, I've got it rough... :p

There's still go the kitchen-dining room left to go. Jim worked all day to get the one room done on Saturday (assisted by both of his sons, who made very little complaint and were actually helpful (small miracle)), and figures that the next room will be even harder. I know he'll get it done before Christmas though, and that makes me very happy.

So now I have a new background for knitting pictures. First up the project I bought the yarn for on Wednesday and then finished up on Monday.... it's a Curly Horse Hat. (Details on Ravelry, follow the link.)

And also finished is another pair of handspun, hand knit socks.

These will be for my Mom and Dad, so yeah, I am rockin' the early Christmas knits. Winner!


  1. Productive weekend indeed - and eveything you all produced even looks great too!

  2. You had a great weekend. New floor and Christmas knitting finished. Woohoo!!

  3. Julia in KW7:00 pm

    lovely floor (and hat)...did you put new flooring right on top of the old? This is something I have been considering myself...we have a lab who loves to run in the house (read: scratch the floor)

  4. Julia,

    We ripped up the old floor. If we'd put the new over the old, we wouldn't be able to open the front door!


  5. Between the new floor inside and the new siding outside, you must feel soooo good about your house! Love the matchy handspun socks.

  6. The laminate looks great Laurie.
    I have water damage on my engineered hardwood flooring too. I don't even like mopping it!

  7. Love the floor. Love the hat. Love the socks.

    I'm full of love :-)

  8. Your living room look fabulous. Is there no end to your husband's talents?
    Nice hat to.