Monday, April 02, 2012

Feeling young

I've been just gripped by my knitting lately. Spring freed me from the tyranny of winter's sweater knitting and I've been rocking out on the small, quick projects.

Here's Sunrise on Echo Beach all finished up:

This was  a fun and easy knit, that worked perfectly with the variegated colors of the Handmaiden yarn. I highly recommend it.

Then in a fit of inspiration, I cast on a little shawlette called Crowning Glory. Started on Thursday, finished Monday morning, this was equally addictive and fun.

I ran out of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn and couldn't find any more of the same color, so I used some left over Kureyon sock yarn from the stash that had similar colors in the same saturation. Can you tell where the transition is?

I don't have a dress form, but doesn't the lap shade make a nice place holder for shoulders?

I intend to give both these knits to my nieces, who are 15 and 13. I think they'll enjoy the colors and fun shapes.


  1. laurie - they are both gorgeous. I heard Fabricland has dress forms on sale half price this week. I'm off to check it out otmorrow.

  2. Those are amazing! I'm sure the girls will love the brillant colors.

  3. They are wonderful. I especially like the Noro, and have NO idea where you started different yarn. Congratulations!

  4. Both shawls are beautiful. I love the colors on the second one.

  5. I love the Noro shawl colours! Isn't it amazing how lace patterns can look like completely different patterns when you switch yarn colours or even weights!

  6. You have very lucky nieces. :)