Sunday, April 29, 2012

First World Problems

We're are weighted down with first-world problems around here.

I just finished this traditional Icelandic shawl, using authentic Icelandic laceweight yarn:

But it's too small and now I don' t know what to do with it. Put it in the box of potential knit-gifts I suppose. It's too bad, it's so pretty.  I think I may have to knit it again, only larger:

I was working my new yarn into socks. While I do plan to make the Delft Blue socks Jody, I started in on the Fresh Breeze pair first. I bought enough yarn for both, plus there should be enough black for a third pair from the Around the World in Knitted Socks book.

This sock went into timeout for a bit because I needed length in the foot and couldn't decide how to proceed with the colors. As you can see, I resolved that issue and now I'm almost done the first sock. But while they were in timeout, I finished some socks for Jim:

Again, from Around the World in Knitted Socks, these are It's Tea Time, but I modifed the heel details less fussy. My knit buddies tell me that their guys wouldn't wear these socks, but Jim is very happy with them. And they've got cashmere in them.

He won't be wearing them for a while though, it's getting warm and sunny again.

I've got so many exciting projects and ideas, I almost don't know what to knit. Jim is very sympathetic. He's got too many interesting video games these days.  First world problems, am I right?


  1. The shawl is beautiful! Too bad it's too small. I have some of those around as well. Love both socks. I would wear the light blue socks too, love the color.

  2. You must have been peaking at my WIPs. I have both the Fresh Breeze socks and the It's Tea Time on the needles. Although I haven't picked up the Fresh Breeze socks in ages. I didn't carry my yarn. Instead I cut it when I changed colours if I wasn't going to need it again for several rows. When I finished sock #1 and looked at all the ends I needed to weave in I got totally discouraged. Yours look very nice!

    And the shawl is exquisite! You must have been near tears when you found out it was too small.

  3. As soon as your blog was on my laptop, I spied that Icelandic shawl. I love them and really want to knit one someday! They are so beautiful with the different natural colours.
    Your socks are looking great.
    I am trying to knit but I have so many different fleeces (plus Alpaca shearings this week) to enjoy spinning :-)

  4. Gotta love those First World Problems. LOL PS the shawl doesn't appear small.

  5. Lovely shawl, it would work as a kercheif under your jacket. But it is spring/summer.