Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spinning Proud

My spinning has turned out some beautiful yarns lately. First there was this 11oz of Fat Cat Knits merino.

It's a 2-ply, and I just let the colors fall where they may. The yarn is smooshy and soft and about 900 yards of a worsted weight. I'm thinking of working it into either a shawl, part of a vest or the yoke of a sweater.

Then I spun an almost perfect sock yarn. I say perfect, because it looks like Zauberball to me. It's superwash Cheviot from Dyeabolical. I saw the review in Knitty and just had to have it. Don't regret it either.

It feels a bit like plastic when drafting, very slick, probably because it's superwash. And it's not a soft fiber, at all. I spun a true 3-ply.

To divide the fiber I held it up, folded in three and then split it. I weighed each hank and added or subtracted as needed. Then, during spinning, I worked one third straight from the roving. The second third I split 2 or 3 times, and the third I split down a lot. It's giving me some interesting striping in the knitted socks.

 My dad has dibs on these, since the handspun pair I knit him for Christmas were too small and went to my mom. He's already tried on the sock in the picture above and it fit fine so I'm well on my way. He's very much looking forward to them. And I don't mind giving them away because I've another 4 oz of this fiber to spin and I'm looking forward to that!