Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well, hello there...

To jump right in to the deep end, I stopped blogging because I was so very busy with work. There was overtime, and weekends and stress. Something had to give, and this blog was just one of those things. Now here I am starting blogging again because I am not so busy. My position was terminated and I am now looking for work. Of course, I can't go into details. Suffice it to say that the termination was not performance related and that many of my co-workers were very sad to see me go.

Onwards and upwards! I'm seeing this as an opportunity for a career shift. I'm very lucky to have a versatile skill-set and a strong personality.

Jim and the kids are well. Luke's doing a co-op and Alex is hoping to get into the YMCA's Summer Work Student Exchange. They've both grown into men in the last year.

Startling isn't it? Just last week, Alex and I were out getting him a new spring jacket. He didn't like anything in the stores, and we decided to hit the Goodwill. You know the teenage stage, the one where you don't want to be trendy, but you still want to have style? Anyway, at the Goodwill we found him a light jacket he liked and also scored him a beautiful golden suede jacket at an incredible price.

We were just checking out, and I asked him what his vegan girlfriend would think of him wearing suede. He responded with the typical, "Mom, she's not my girlfriend..." When the sales lady piped up with "Oh, he's your son? I thought you two were a couple."

On the ride home we had a laugh and decided that it's because he's so tall and has a full beard. Once home, Alex shaved. 

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  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! Sorry to hear it came about because of a job loss though. I hope you find something you like even better than the job you have left behind, and that you get lots of quality knitting time in while you wait for the right opportunity. And I can not believe how much your boys (men) have changed in the past year!