Thursday, July 24, 2014

Close, but No Sock

This doesn't look good.

This is the second sock, the first is gorgeous and fits perfectly.


I hope I can rely on the kindness of friends. I know someone who is making a cardigan out of this exact same yarn. I'm going to be all like "Buddy, can you spare a square?" (That's not exactly a mixed metaphor, but it certainly is mixed up.) Otherwise, I may have to go buy more yarn. Money is no object when the socks are this beautiful.

Details are on my Ravelry page. The pattern is a free one and very well written. I think the reason I ran out of yarn is because I made the men's size sock, with a bit larger leg by using a bigger sized needle so it would have more stretch, with a long leg and whopping 10 inches or so in the foot. The wonder is that I didn't run out of yarn sooner!


1 comment:

  1. Pretty pattern. That yarn looks like the wisteria colorway. There are people on ravelry with partial skeins. Maybe you can inveigle some from one of them.