Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Magic Failed but the Knitting Worked

It's been a cool, damp summer. It reminds me of the year Jim and I married. It drizzled on my wedding day and I spent the rest of that summer watching the weather, looking for a better weekend we could have been married on. I remember not a one. It was a cheat.

A few times this year, the weather has left me feeling inspired to start a sweater. I told myself "Wrong season!" And I've been knitting socks, and I did a scarf and glove set, and a shawl. But last weekend I thought "To heck with it. I bet if I start knitting a sweater it will suddenly get really hot." So I cast on, but no luck. The magic didn't work. The weather is still cool and overcast and drizzley. And more of the same is forecast for the long weekend. Bummer.

But my effort was not wasted because now I have the yoke to my very own Couronne sweater.

The varigated yarn is actuallly Noro, Silk Garden. I love Noro and I love to let it do its own wacky thing with colors, but this time I ripped, and spliced and mangled it into submission. Here's a comparision for you:

I'm starting to think now that the bottom one looks so much more lively than the top version. But I do think that the top one is more wearable, and I will wear it more often. That counts for a lot. Which do you prefer?




  1. Personally I like the bottom one better, especially if you let the bottom of the flowers stay blue.

  2. I like the bottom one as well.

  3. The bottom one is more fun to look at but I think you are right that the top one will get worn more. I prefer to let my accessories be crazy and keep clothing practical enough to get lots of use.