Tuesday, September 06, 2016

A Quiet Summer's Vacation on PEI

I am vacationing on PEI. This is the view outside my backdoor. It is Mill River, located in the northern end of the island.

It is a beautiful spot to sit and knit and watch the river. I knocked some items off my bucket list too. I dipped my toes into the ocean, walked the back woods on red trails, saw a seal, watched a sunrise, sun set and the stars at night. You can't see the stars in the city.

I found plenty of wool yarn in PEI. For one thing, they sell Briggs and Little at the Dollar Store.

And somehow, the cabin we are staying at is just 5 minutes away from MacAusland's Woolen Mill. I've already been there twice and will probably go again, just for a wee bit more. I bought two of their wool blankets and enough yarn for two sweaters. One for me and one for Luke. The yarn isn't soft, but it blooms on washing into a cushy fabric that looks like it will wear very well. Lots of veggie matter in it too, so you know the wool hasn't been treated harshly. My yarn is turning into a jacket.

I also knit a sock with MacAusland yarn. This isn't a pattern, just me doodling around with some Eastonian stuff.

There is a rustic beauty to this sock that I just love and it feels wonderful to wear.

We only have 3 more days on the island then 3 days to travel back home. Luke stayed home with Cooper and I know they are both missing us badly. But I don't know that I will be ready to leave vacation life....


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  1. Well, look who I just re-discovered on the net. Didnt realize you were blogging again. I've been non blogging for a few months. Good to see/read you again.