Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Blessing and a Curse

Our family differs from most in that I am the primary bread winner and my husband Jim takes care of the household during the week. He still works, but he is self employed and can choose his own hours. So he's up early, puts in a full workday, and is home before 4:00 to take care of the children and cook supper. His efforts have eased the stress that our whole family was feeling, back when the children were in the after-school program.

Our weekend chores are divided by preference. For instance, he prefers to do the laundry and I prefer to do the shopping. Here's where we get into the mixed blessing aspect of things. Remember this sweater:

Well, Jim washed and dried it for me this weekend. It felted some and is now too tight to be comfortable.

I said nothing. Actions speak louder than words.


  1. mary jane8:56 pm

    My husband does the laundry in our household too. But I have a separate basket for items I don't want him to touch. He leaves that basket alone! He also only washes what is in general laundry basket. He has never gone around the house to pick up items for the laundry. If it isn't in the general basket, it does not get washed. I wash the items that are in my separate basket.

    From Niagara-on-the-Lake

  2. Oh, there would be Serious Consequences if such a thing should happen in our house. Luckily (?), my DH never does the laundry, so if I felt a sweater I have only myself to blame.

  3. Uh-oh... My husband won't even touch my handknits for fear of my wrath.

  4. My hubby does the laundry and did that to sweater of mine. (only it was more than "slightly") He apparently called my mother in a panic for advice. She responded that his only hope was to leave a pile of luxury yarn next to the ruined sweater and hope it would be enough to distract me. lol!

  5. On the plus side, he didn't shrink it too bad.

    My mother shrunk a pair of wool socks I had made for my dad. She sent me money and had me knit him another pair. I don't think she has 'fessed up to it at all.

  6. ooooops!!!

    love that last picture... LOL :D

  7. Oh, Dude.

    I really liked jae's comment...and depending on what got shrunk and how big a pile of luxury yarn it was...might, just might work.

  8. Hee hee. I have given up on letting Moxie do the laundry. I have to give such explicit instructions that in the time it takes I can do it myself - and not lose any clothing!

    Happy belated birthday. I liked your 37 things. I've been both poor and comfortable in my life, and although I know that not having enough money causes a lot of stress, I think that it can make you a more compassionate person. Here's to that!

  9. There's no way he would get me more yarn (I wish!), but I told him that the yarn I had ear marked for a sweater for him was now for me since he ruined my walking sweater.

    I must say that while I am disappointed, I'm not heart broken. I love the Rogue pattern, but this wool pilled horribly. I've been thinking of knitting Rogue for yet a third time.

    Maureen told me that now that I have two felted Rogues I only need one more to make it a collection. Do I dare make one more?

  10. OH NO HE DID NOT FELT YOUR ROGUE!!! Aaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!

  11. oh but it still looks good—you have a nice shape!
    you could try steaming it aggressively and stretching it back, AKA re-blocking. i've seen that do wonders . . .

  12. Uh.Oh.

    That is a great picture though!

    I'm the one that ruins clothes. I once washed my first husband's purple silk shirt with the undies. Whoops. Pink for everyone. After that, I was only allowed to fold, hang & put away.

  13. Anonymous2:32 pm

    You live in Ontario... try doing the London Kijiji with that sweater. I am sure there is a short bodied, heavy set woman who would die to have it. Not saying she will be searching kijiji for a sweater when you post it but it is free to post. It is a lovely sweater and a shame to be set aside. I am just loving your blog. You sound so open and honest with your feelings and with others. It's hard to be open and honest and not get into a lot of trouble, I know cause I have been doing it for 52 yrs.. lost a lot of friends over it. Guess they weren't truely friends. Your husband sounds wonderful, a match made in.. oh wait.. a match made in the heart? Keep going, I know I am behind but I catch up quick and you keep my brain busy while my hands do repetitive knitting. *hugs*