Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Shout Out to my Peeps!

I've joined a new knitting group. Here they are sewing up squares for Project Linus. Hi Ladies!

I actually don't remember the official name of this group, but I've got all the pertinent details firmly in mind. I'm in the back on the left there, helping with the sewing.

I don't do charity knitting, yet. I'm sure I will one day. My work place has a very strong community spirit and we do a lot of fund raising and charity work there. I guess I can say "I gave at the office. " But sewing up these squares was a nice treat for me because I had a chance to contribute in a way that ties into my hobby.

Look at what one of the ladies (Hi Rena!) brought for her show and tell:

My heart did a flip when she pulled them out of her bag. I love the long tail fins on these fish. They were knit in the small size using Koigu.


  1. that s a pattern i have been coveting! i love the colour she used.

  2. Those Koigu fish mitts are incredible! Gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous9:47 pm

    The group was a lot of fun! Definately jumping on that band wagon.

    We should find out what it's called and if we can post contact information for it; I seem to get people asking about local groups fairly regularly.

  4. > Here they are sewing up squares for Project Linus.

    After Linus Torvalds?

  5. Wow, what great mittens she made! Just who was that pattern's brilliant designer?? ;-)

  6. I showed my parents those mittens and they were super impressed. Someday I'll knit a pair.