Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I've got a hodgepodge of interesting stuff to share with you tonight.

First up, Ted the Knitterguy (knitterguy at yahoo dot ca) is organizing Fiberfest North (scroll down a bit to find it). The details are still being firmed up, but if you are interested in such an event send Ted your e-mail address so you can receive updates.

There are two new-to-me blogs that I'd like to recommend. TECHknitting contains beautifully clear illustration of common knitting techniques as well as handy little tips and tricks. If you don't already know how to read your knitting, this blog will have you examining the stitches on your needle with fresh eyes. The Happiness Project documents
Gretchen Rubin's quest to find out how to be happy. Her formula is: "To be happier, you need to think about FEELING GOOD, FEELING BAD, and FEELING RIGHT, in an atmosphere of growth. "

For your listening pleasure, I can recommend the Knit Picks podcast. I'm not a huge fan of their yarns, so I was wary of the podcast. It seemed an obvious vehicle for advertising. But I was happily wrong. Certainly Knit Picks comes up in conversation, but it is always in context and mostly worth hearing. Also worth a listen is LibriVox, an volunteer community that is trying to make audio recordings of all books in the public domain. I've subscribed via iTunes and I've been listening to whatever they send me. It's been lovely and lazy with occasional surprises. Last time I synced I got a couple of poems along with my regular installment. I wish I could remember where I got the referral to LibriVox from, but I can't.

Happy clicking!


  1. aww, cute bunny!! I loved the colour of those socks and the lace, also!

  2. And what is that he's hiding behind? Is he in a veggie garden?

  3. www.knittingnutter.com1:43 am

    Thanks for all the recommendations. Am I being thick - I can't tell where Fibrefest North is being held?

  4. Thank you for the podcast advice. I tried one (ONE) once, and didn't like it. And the bunny picture, how sweet! =)

  5. thanks for the link to fiberfest north—wouldn't it be ultra-cool if i could somehow make it there, and you too??