Monday, June 25, 2007

Yarn, Socks, and a Festival

I had fun with that hat!! Man, oh, man. It was all I could do not to cast on another one. I've got plans to make myself a winter set based on a pink theme to match my handspun scarf. Here's the yarns I've put together for it:

There's Mission Falls for the hat, and Apple Laine and Koigu for the mittens. I'm thinking I'll pick a Selbuvotter pattern for the mittens and carry the design up to the hat. I'm aiming for something that co-ordinates.

But I was good and I finished a project instead.

I'm pretty pleased with these socks actually. There are many little tricks in them to make them fit and look nice. I put little gussets around the heels to make the short row heel fit better. I knit the cuffs to be the same length as the foot (kudos to Mary Jane, Monday night knit buddy and travel journalist for Scotland). Then I knit one row in white before starting the ribbing at the top so that the contrasting color isn't obvious in the purls. Finally, I used double knitting in the last two rows to make my sewn tubular bind off more even (thanks Claudia). The only difficulty was that I ran out of the white and had to skimp on one cuff.

I just received a message from Ted who now has a blog up for FiberFest North. I'm anticipating that it should be a really good shindig and I have every intention of being there. Anyone else thinking of it?


  1. I love the socks - they look great. I really like that trick about knitting a row in the contrasting color before you start the ribbing - neat! Why is it a good thing for the cuffs to be as long as the foot? Or is it just personal preference? I'm very curious! =) Your yarn collection looks good. You'll be happily knitting away for fall!

  2. Thanks for the link, Laurie. See you at the end of September.

  3. Great looking socks! I am hearing so much about Selbuvotter - must have a better look at the book!

  4. Love those socks!

    I can't wait to see what you make from Selbuvotter. What a great book.

  5. Love those socks! And thanks for the tip on knitting a row when changing color on ribbing.

  6. Those socks look really comfy. Love the color combo you used too. :D