Thursday, June 14, 2007

Foolin' Around

Okay, melodrama's over! Whew! I had some fun wallowing in my mood though. I read Jane Eyre online. Talk about your drama! It's being read over at LibriVox and I remember reading it when I was in highschool or university. If you ever want a chance to see how much you've grown, try re-reading a book you haven't touched in twenty years. The ghost of myself at 18 or 19 was right alongside me as I read. (Hmm... seems like there might be some melodrama left in the ole girl yet.)

I put a good chunk of knitting on the bookmark panel, and then abandoned it for some other experiments. Take a look. I could use an informed opinion.

First, there's the spiral shawl I started last summer. I had the idea to finish it by extending the spirals out individually and decreasing them off. I've done one.

It curls a lot, but hopefully it will block out. The thing is, does it look okay? Will a shawl entirely finished in this look okay? Or more importantly, is it worth pursuing to the bitter end, or do I cut my losses and go with a conventional finish?

Second, I was swatching for fun today. I've got twenty balls of Katrina that I picked up last summer at the tent sale and I was thinking of doing a twin set. So I swatched for last summer's Thorn and Thistle set. (Doesn't the model look like a linebacker in the picture?)

I liked it better on smaller needles, but then I wondered what it would look like in cables.

It seems to look better in cables than in lace. Now I'm thinking I might like to do a Lavold cardigan out of this. I'd look like a viking ice princess (in my dreams). There's some elastic in the yarn, which I think would make a form fitting cardigan really comfortable. But is it worth doing a complicated pattern in this cheap yarn? Hey Peg! How does your Not so Warm Jacket wear? Does the yarn wash well?

Oh! Look what I picked up at Michaels for a song! Opera cotton, regular $6.50, on for $1.50. I practically stole them!

I'd really like to knit a lace piece for my dining room table one day. This gorgeous cotton would be perfect.

Finally, Hi Mary Jane! MJ is on holidays in Scotland. She's using my blog's comments to let her friends and family know how she's doing, so Hi Mary Jane's people!


  1. oh i adore it in cables! the sparkle! sigh! yes, cable it!

  2. mary jane2:13 am

    I also read Jane Erye as a child. This book and all od Jane Austen's books are ones I have reread as an adult more than once. The ghosts of each of myselves from prior readings are there with me too.

    Today is sunny in Edinburgh but right after breakfast we fly to Kirkwall in Orkney. Last night's dinner conversation was about size and weight restritions on the plane. Some are concerned that they have too much already.

  3. Congratulations on your yarn score! Sweet! I like the shawl in the variegated. I think it's going to be beautiful. And I like the cables. I don't think it matters that the yarn isn't expensive. I think it's great that they can make affordable yarn so pretty. I like the expensive stuff, too, but I'm so pleased when I find a cheaper one that feels good.

    I totally get that feeling of being beside your younger self when you're reading. There's some books in this house I would never get rid of, because they remind me of who I was. It's pretty cool.

  4. I love the idea of the proof reading! I love the classics. Jane Eyre was one of my favourites from first year in university. I liked it a fair bit more than "The Turn of the Screw" and some of the others we read. That's also where I fell in love with all things Austen and Bronte. I love that sweater set. The cables seem to give it added dimension.

  5. Not that I'm informed - but I love the sparkly cables!!

  6. Mary Jane10:10 am

    Just letting everyone know I arrived in Kirkwall, Orkney okay. The public library here has free internet access for members but will issue guest memberships for visitors to use the library's computers. I have already started to check out the wool situation in town. I will wait yet to see what I can get on North Ronaldsay first before picking up yarn in town. the weather is warmer than it looks though it is overcast. It is often overcast as the islands are where the Gulf Stream meets the North Sea.

  7. It always feels good to score on a yarn sale. Mighty thin thread for a table cloth. That might take a while, I guess?

  8. www.knittingnutter.com5:19 pm

    What a bargain - congrats! Loving the Katrina in cables.

  9. Love the cabled motif. Go with that.

    And I re-read Jane Eyre about once every year/two years. Some passages still give me the shivers.