Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stash Acquisition eXpedition (SAX)

Oh me, oh my! I went on a trip to a yarn sale with a bunch of enablers. Want to have a guess what happened?

The sale was at the SpinRite factory outlet which is in Listowel. Words fail me.

The enablers from left to right: Heather, the infamous Mary Jane, and Connie.

Inside the tent. Note the speed on the woman in the front left and the look of concentration on the other woman on the right. It was a frenzy in there!

On the way out, I saw a lady piling her finds into her car. She was glowing and happy to let me take a picture of her stash.

This is inside the store, where there were more buys to be had. I purchased 10-100g balls of a rag yarn, 100% wool for $17.98. Who could resist?

The complete haul. That blue in the bottom left is a soy/wool blend. There's a story to be told about that yarn.

The Blue Yarn Story

We cruised the tent sale first, went inside the store, had lunch, and then went back to the tent sale. While inside the store Mary Jane called me to see this great yarn she'd found. It was a soy/wool blend.

"Oh yeah", I said "That's cool. I nearly bought 2 bags of that in the tent."

"What?! It's in the tent?" exclaimed Mary Jane, "Why didn't you buy it?"

"Cause I thought it felt itchy."

"Yes," said Mary Jane, "But it would make a great outer jacket."

"Hmm..." I said.

So when we went back to the tent, I picked up my two bags again, but Mary Jane said I'd better get three just in case. You know what I call a friend like that? Enabler!

The Knitter's Funeral Story
Okay, this is another Mary Jane story. Mary Jane recently attended the funeral of her husband's Aunt Thelma. As she approached the casket to pay her respects Mary Jane noticed something odd about the flowers in Aunt Thelma's hand. They were two balls of yarn in them! The odd thing about this story, is that Mary Jane never knew that Aunt Thelma was a knitter while she was a live.

There are many other cool stories to tell you about, like how Connie got the Bohemian, but my boy is bugging me so he can play Runescape. And I have some yarn to stash.

Hope you're having a great weekend and don't forget to enter the contest.


  1. Connie10:35 pm

    Great Day, Laurie. I'm high on yarn right now and couldn't get home fast enough to knit. My tushee is sore from sittin' so long in the car. Mary Jane is a great driver though. Love the pix.


  2. I can't even imagine the frenzy of a yarn tent sale!

  3. I was so wound last night, I was bouncing around and I had trouble getting to sleep as visions of yarn danced in my head.

  4. Enablers are my favorite people.

    That tent! Soooo tempting.

    So. Did you pry the balls of yarn from Aunt Thelma?

  5. Mary Jane12:48 pm

    I had a great day yesterday. I am so glad you, Heather and Connie wanted to come with me to the sale. My husband thought the green garbage bags for the haul were hilarious. I had to explain that we were met at the entrance to the tent with someone handing us the garbage bags for shopping with rather than baskets! Today I am trying to decide on my next project to cast on from the acquisitions. You wouldn't happen to have some 15mmm circular needles I could borrow?