Sunday, August 13, 2006

Socks in the Wild

Hello again and welcome to another episode of "Socks in the Wild". On today's shocking episode we track down the elusive Soch Ness Monster.

There have been sightings of this mysterious beast, but never before has it been captured on camera. Our camera person sighted the monster socks in the tall grass where it appeared to be resting:

Little is known about the Soch Ness Monster, other than the fact that it is a sock of epic proportions. Most sightings have occurred in the wilds of suburbia, where the monster allegedly lurks in search of prey: fun fur. Here, in an exclusive, never before seen image, we see the monster going in for the kill.

It is almost too horrible to watch the terrible depravity of the Soch Ness monster as it ravages the innocent, albeit annoying, ball of fluff. And yet, there is a gentler side to this great giant. The Soch Ness Monster was caught on camera, cavorting with the snake in the grass.

Perhaps one day we will better understand the behaviour of this misunderstood giant.

Edited to add: Socks in the Wild - Episode One, and Episode Two


  1. What a cute entry! Great sock!

  2. Thanks for a good belly laugh!