Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh, Frabjous Day! Calloo, Callay!

Yarn just keeps falling in my lap these days. I got home from work on Monday, and my Hemp Yarn had arrived. Then, at Monday Knit Night, Mary Jane was back from vacation. She had lots to show and lots to tell and she did some souvenir shopping for me. I told her that if she saw some yarn with my name on it, I had money in my pocket to pay for it. Thanks Mary Jane for thinking of me!

So I finished my cabled mittens after all.

I'm just so darned happy about it.

This picture was an attempt to do a creative photo shoot wearing mittens and a winter coat while standing in front of flowers. It was supposed to be a study in contrasts, but I just looked goofy. I suppose sticking my tongue out doesn't help.


  1. Hemp yarn. Mary Jane. Coincidence?

    Yeah. But still funny.

    Awesome! You had enough yarn! The mittens look great.

  2. LOL here ... will you believe that I had not seen the title of this post before writing my own entry today?

    The mittens are fabbo, by the way. Well done.