Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How Hot is it?

It's so hot, Harley got buzzed!

It's so hot, the cat melted!
It's so hot I had to knit in the mall. Notice the boy?

If you want the extended version, keep reading.

Monday was hot. Work was cool and after work I went to Lynn's house for Monday knit night. Those are her pets and they are not suffering from heat in the least! Harley was actually begging for Lynn to knit him a doggy coat because the air conditioner was cranking it out.

I took a picture of a really funky sweater Lynn is working on, but the flash on my camera didn't do justice to Lynn's fine sense of color. Next time, I'll try to get a pic while the natural day light is available.

Last night sleeping was pretty bad. I was reduced to sleeping on the kitchen floor, since our bedrooms are all upstairs and we have no basement in our house. Today, Jim broke down and bought what had to be one of the last air conditioners left at Canadian Tire. It's pretty tiny, but it's working hard at making the bedrooms cool. We left the house to go for dinner while the little engine that could tried it's best.

Did you notice my mitten in progress? It's my next big thing for Bitchin' Mittens. That's my Hemp Yarn I bought while on vacation. The cabled cuff is from Kepler and the cable in the hand is from Alice Starmore's Celtic Knitting. I had to rip it back about 4 times before I finally got it right, but now it is coming together sweetly.

And that's all I have to say.


  1. mary jane11:51 am

    Have you considered the irony of knitting mittens on the hottest day this century?

    From home...

  2. When the heat does break, even reasonable temperatures are going to seem cold. So you'll need mittens. See? Forethought.

    Those mittens are great! I love cables.

    Hope the heat breaks for you soon. Ours finally did. Yay! And no a/c? Yuck.

  3. You are a FORCE OF NATURE! I don't know if you knew I was struggling, looking for a swweeeeet cabled mitten? You may have just designed it. Heh. Any chance you wrote it down so I can do it too?

    And those fish! I could just die, they're so fab.

  4. Sorry it was so hot for you. Welcome to what Virginia summers are like for two solid months, year after year. Living without air conditioning isn't an option here, at least not for me. Hope the heat has passed.