Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Guild of your Dreams

Have you browsed the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Guild web site yet? I did. I surfed their gallery and was blown away by the 2006 adjudicated show. The knitting is innovative, intriguing and beautiful. Get a load of these "non-professional" first prize winners.

Michael Plauntz

Hill Robertson

Yowza! You don't see knitting like that everyday.
Do you want to know who won first prize in the professional category?

That's Sally Melville's work people. Are you impressed by the K-W Knitters' Guild yet? I know I am. Remember, this is the same Guild that is hosting the Knitter's Fair which is one of the biggest knitting events in southern Ontario.

So here's a question for you. If a famous knitter were to join your guild, who would you wish it to be? And you can't have Sally, because K-W's got her already. A related question is, what does the guild of your dreams look like? What would it do, and where would it go?


  1. The Yarn Harlot. She's funny and she's clever and she seems as if she wouldn't have the patience for a lot of the political bs that guilds sometimes get mired in.

  2. My blogroll of course! Dream additions: Nicky Epstien, Anne Budd, Debbie Stoller :)

  3. Karin4:19 pm

    Can't answer the question just now, but I have to add, did you look at the 'Speakers' lineup? Makes you want to drool. I recall seeing last years, and it was just as impressive. A little somethimg for our humble London guild to aspire to?

  4. Those are all great ideas. I'd like to see Nancy Bush, Charlene Schurch, Meg Swanson, Lucy Neatby, and Alice Starmore.

    May as well dream big. :-)eu

  5. Nancy Bush and/or Evelyn Clark. Dream on.

  6. Wow. I can't decide if I like that sweater or that quilt more.

    Debbie Bliss. Nicky Epstein. Nancy Bush. Heck, I want them all.

  7. Eunny, Meg Swanson, Lily Chin. Anybody! Those shawls are knock-outs! :-)