Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bringing you up to speed...

It's been a dramatic time at this here little blog. Time to bring y'all up to speed with the goings on.

Cabled Mitten
The cabled mitten will remain unfinished until the new yarn arrives. Yes, I broke down and ordered some after griping all day Friday about how I didn't want to. I found Freshwater Fibers on eBay and Melody will ship to Canada, so I placed my order for two balls. Why two? One to finish the current mittens and another to start a fresh pair. Cause what the heck am I going to do with less than one ball of Hemp Yarn?

Mitten Pattern
It progresses. Here's Maureen the fabu test knitter exclaiming how much she enjoys knitting itty bitty entrelac squares:

I'm going to put the finishing touches on the pattern this weekend. We're getting there people.

There are some new buttons on the side bar. I found Swap Bot and I joined the Autumn Skeins swap. Just cause I have to try everything at least once. Then Norma! mentioned the Funky Scarf swap and I had to join that one too. Funky Scarf was more along the lines of what I was looking for. I'm already toying with ideas of what original scarf I could make, but then I realized I'd have to wait to see what my pal would like! Damn.

I need to get at the second goldfish mitten soon. I took a break from them with the cabled mittens. Actually on the needles is a pair of knee high work socks for my husband, the vacation shawl which is my take along project, the cabled mittens of course, and I've just cast on for something new. This tally doesn't count the projects that have broken down on the side of the road. I'll explain them some other time.

Patricia of the spiral shawl has kindly shared the pattern with me. My yarn is some Fleece Artist Country Kid that has sutble variations of purple from pale lavender to practically black. I'm using a considerably larger needle to accommodate the fuzz in the yarn and because I'd like my shawl to be bigger. I'll just have to keep knitting to discover if I'm a genius or whacked on the head.

Interesting Internet
There is a group on Flickr selling yarn called Destash & Restash. I bought some yarn there for Autumn Skeins at a really good price: 2 skeins Lavold Silky wool for $9 including shipping. I may post something there this weekend. Or maybe not.

Also interesting for those of us with blogs is this counter from NeoWORX. If I get time, I may try it out. Or not.

Friday Meetup
Last night, Kat, Maureen and I got together for a little stitch 'n bitch. Kat needed some TLC, because she's had a really rough time with her car. So we talked her ear off! Look how happy she is now:

Yep, we fixed 'er up good.

Three or four people commented on how cute we were sitting there knitting together. They seemed like they wished they could join us so I offered to teach them to knit and wouldn't you know it but one lady took my contact info. Yes, I'm a knitting missionary. The Yarn Harlot would be proud.


  1. I really look nothing like that, and I do actually have all my own teeth. I appear totally toothless in this pic and my children would not let me out in public if they knew. This is worse than my passport photo - in reality I am a tall willowy blonde. With attentive, well behaved children in clean clothes. That's me.

  2. Go Laurie! Proselytize. (I'm not spellchecking that so it might be wrong. OTOH, it could be a typo. I just fixed 4 of them).

    Oh good, I'm glad you broke down & bought more yarn, those cabled mittens are gorgeous.

    Destash & Restash? .....Must. Not. Click. On. Link.....

  3. Don't ya just love teaching someone to knit? Knitting missionary -- love that! :-)