Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hello Daddy!

I called my Dad tonight to ask for his measurements for the vest. Turns out, my dad is a short Frenchman. Who knew? I did!

I'm getting to the tricky bit on the vest. Since the pattern is written to be knit flat, I intend to graph out all the shaping for the armholes, v-neck and the back of the neck. My plan is to have a clear idea of what shaping to do and when to do it before I start to knit. Which would be an improvement over my typical method of just winging it!

Tonight I took the boys shopping for school supplies. The cooler weather had a few people wearing their sweaters which got me thinking about what I'd like to knit for myself. In the first place I knit myself a Ribby Cardi that I'm planning on lengthening. It fits nice everywhere, but I just don't like the cropped length. REDO! A lot of the clothes in Wal-mart have embroidery on them. That and reading Dances with Wool inspires me to think of embellishing it.

I'd really like some more cardigans that fit. That is my goal for this winter. Last winter it was to knit something special for my husband, Mom, Dad and Mother-in-law. The only other sweater I knit to fit was Rogue, but I got the yarn on sale and while it is so soft, it pills like a bugger. I'm tempted to knit it again. It would only be my third time.

Do you want to hear my shameful secret?

The first time I knit Rogue I was so excited, and I felt I was worth any price, so I bought 13 skeins of Manos del Uruguay in color 100. I wanted the sweater to come out bigger so I just knit at a larger guage. Needless to say, it came out too big. So I felted it. Are you wincing yet? Screaming? The price! The soft beautiful yarn! The hard work! The felting horror melding my gorgeous cables!

The sweater hides in my closet where I bring it out when I'm sick so I can hide in its hood like a turtle in her shell.


  1. It's really true - I've seen the feltedManosRogue. However, Laurie, I don't think what you're knitting there while talking on the phone will fit your father as a vest. Unless he's a REALLY short Frenchman.

  2. On no! Dare I ask for a picture of the FeltedManosRogue?

    I have to agree w/maureen. That is a very short small Frenchman if that's his vest.

  3. I love your Manos story - I have a Lamb's Pride Bulky sweater that I did the same thing to -

    It is also my sweater of choice for those cozy, hideout, *super duper sick* days - if it wasn't so hot in here I'd go dig it up and give that hood a spin just for good luck!

    I am laughing my A** off right now Laurie...

  4. That's heart-breaking about the Rogue. But perhaps there's a child it would fit now? I love that pattern but would want to knit it as a zippered cardigan, I think....

  5. I have a partially completed Rogue (body and hood) hiding in my closet waiting to be frogged back and reknit from the armhole. I too was happy to have the gauge around the body come out a bit looser only to later regret the hideous hanging armholes and world's longest hood. Why didn't I think of the importance of row gauge when every row is charted. Glad I'm not the only one who messes up occasionally (okay, maybe a little more often than that).