Monday, July 31, 2006

We're making progress here people!

The pattern is in the final draft stage and Maureen, the fabu test knitter, has already started work. I've posted about Maureen's work before. Do you remember her shawls? She's not letting me get away with one little inconsistency.

Here's the small sized mitten, knit in Sundara Yarns "Firey".

For size comparison, here it is with the prototype, knit in Trekking XXL:

What I notice right away is how the thumb is curved in the large mitten, but not in the small. The curve adds something to the look, but it uncomfortable to wear because it binds. I corrected the thumb in the small size, but it's not quite as cute. What do you think, is comfort more important than style?


  1. I actually prefer the bit of a curve. Ture, maybe not as comfort, but is comfort what you're looking for when wearing somthing like this? (And I remember something about "Pain for my art"...or something like that.)
    They are great, without question!

  2. mary jane8:28 pm

    Go for comfort. If not comfortable then what is the point of making something to wear. You could just make a flat fish instead and have art. The mittens look fabulous by the way. The second one does remind me of an exotic goldfish.

    From Mackinaw City MI....

  3. I'd opt for comfort, but then again, not much call for mittens in my neck of the woods.

    They're heck of clever of you though! And adorable! And for me to call a fish adorable.....that's a pretty high bar. ;)

  4. I have to agree with Dave - I like the curve. Both mittens are cute, though. My favorite will always be the first one I fell in love with! :-)

  5. Those are THE cutest mittens! my goodness kids will LOVE them!
    Heck I LOVE THEM! :)