Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wooly fish in a wooly pool

Here it is, my fishy mitten:

I'm very pleased with it. Okay, really, I have a warm and fuzzy feeling and I can't stop smiling. He's cute!

Things I like about it:
  • A real fish shape look and feel to it.
  • Actually wearable.
  • I made it!
Things I would do differently:
  • Much less entrelac! I should have swatched, but I was going for the organic feeling of creation.
  • The entrelac is too poofy.
  • The thumb gusset is too short. It binds at the top of the thumb.
  • I should have cast on loosely to prevent the mitered squares from curling over.
Ideas for the next one:
  • Do another in exactly the same manner, but learn from my mistakes.
  • Use a scalely textured stitch in place of the entrelac.
  • Knit a plain body.
  • Make the tail longer and more flowing.
  • Add fins on the side.
  • Do a kid sized pair. It would go much faster!
  • Use different colors of Trekking. This fish was made with 105, but I also have plenty of others:


  1. ohmygourds!!

    That is the Coolest Mitten Ever!


  2. That is an AWESOME mitten. Very cool!

  3. that is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  4. That is gorgeous and cute as Heck! That's amazing, ans it has a shimmer to it. I can see that this brought the level of creativity WAY up.

  5. Awesome! What a wonderful mitten!

  6. That is one cool mitten. Good job!

  7. Wow! What an incredible mitten! I love it.

  8. Oh, that is so awesome!!! Cute, cute, cute!

  9. Mary Jane8:50 am

    Wow!! I love it. I would make another one just the same, "mistakes" and all. Then write down every thing you did and what you would change if you made another pair. The mitten is gorgeous and very wearable.

  10. WOW! That is the best mitten EVER! I love your use of entrelac!!

  11. Now that IS a Bitchin' Mitten!

  12. That is amazing. You bumped up the bitchen part to a whole new level. Wow!

  13. I really like how you incorporated entrelac to make the fish mitten! Sooooo are we going to see your pattern anytime soon? ;)

  14. It really looks fabulous & I can say, it's even more impressive in person!!

  15. Maureen7:18 pm

    I absolutely love these mittens - you are SO clever! I have wanted to try entrelac for some time now...I can't think of a better way!
    Can you share the source for the patterns...or did you create it yourself? I would LOVE to make a pair!
    Thanks for sharing and for a generous dose of inspiration!
    Happy Knitting!

  16. Like others leaving comments, I would like to be able to make a pair or several of these. If you aren't going to publish this pattern, could you just give us a hint how to start this?

    Evelyn in MD

  17. Silver10:29 pm

    This is GORGEOUS! I've been away from knitting for so long I wouldn't have clue how to go about this but it looks perfect just way it is. It would make a great wall hanging for a bathroom. Make 3 or 4, maybe in different sizes, and group them on a wall. I love the color and for a wall hanging, the puffiness works.


  18. An amazing mitten. Congratulations on such a creative design! Sure, keep on working on it and refining it to your heart's delight - you'll be famous! :-)

  19. Heloisa10:47 pm

    gostaria muito de conseguir seguir a receita

  20. Very creative and clever. I love it!

  21. Anonymous11:43 am

    WAY beyond cute!!! IMHO the entrelac is MUCH better than a textured pattern - it's humorous & over-the-top imaginative (love the webbed thumb!)

  22. Oh a little one for a toddle (my granddaughter) would be so cute, cute, cute! Yup, start at toddler size & work your way up. Wonderful idea & a beautiful job!!

  23. Thats absolutely adorable! Even you gave thought to the background.. I love the effect of water you used. What yarn did you use for both the mitt AND the shawl??

    Suzie in BC

  24. Anonymous12:24 am

    Well... I thought a fish mit.. ugh... but OMG it is so freaking cute!! I am totally amazed at the finished product. I honestly thought there was no way to make a decent looking fish mit and you so proved me wrong. Wonderful work!!

    1. Anonymous12:25 am

      oh, and I love your blog! Going through it month by month. Not too much info and not quite enough but like Goldy Locks.. just about right. :D