Friday, July 07, 2006

Dumb Ideas

I've got a million of 'em! The hard part is deciding which ones are worth investing time and effort in.

I joined the Bitchin Mittens group cause I was knitting mittens anyway don't ya know. This morning I woke up with several of my dumb ideas coming together all at once. So I drew a sketch and knitted a swatch.

Okay, actually, it's not a swatch its the start of the mitten, but since the idea involves a gauntlet of mitered squares, it looks all swatchy. I'm also considering an entrelac body with the head done plain so that the shaping can be done and in case I want to embroider a face onto it. I may also add a fin that joins the thumb to the body. I think the Trekking colors have a nice fresh river fishy feel to them.

The ceramic fish in the photo is a piece by my mother. She went through a phase exploring fish, dragons, pine cones and anything scaly. All in clay. I feel like I'm following in her footsteps with this one. If the mittens turn out, they may make a nice Christmas gift for her.

Also, I finished the first Marvelous Mitten last night. Please note that both sides are correctly patterned.

I am however, dissatisfied with the stupid thumb!

I'm going to have to undo it and start kitchenering down a little lower. I'll take the blame on this one, cause I never bothered to check my gauge.

What? They're mittens. They'll fit someone!


  1. Holly8:53 am

    Love, love, love the fish mitten idea!

  2. That's a great idea for your BM Mittens! And I love your mittens at the bottom, and the thumbs are PERFECT, angular and edgy, same as the geometric pattern. Very artsy. I'd keep as they are!

  3. Laurie,
    The mittens are awesome! I love the pattern and the colors of the Marvelous Mitten - EXCELLENT! And being a Pisces, I can't wait to see the fish mitten! Great concept!

  4. LOVE your bitchin' mitten's idea!! Great inspiration.

    The marvelous mittens are well ... marvelous!!

  5. Wrong. Very, very wrong. You do not have a million dumb ideas. You have at least a million ideas, sometimes all at once, some of which are better than others, and some are just stellar, baby. (I apologize for my overuse of commas just now.) I like being there when your eyes light up and the ideas flow like water down a mountain. Or lava, as in the recent case of the weird furry thingy. But hey, no one else had the mental electricity or cojones to try anything with that yarn. However, we were all waiting to see you run with it.

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful compliments. It's very encouraging and much appreciated.

  7. GASP! How cool are those mittens! Excellent work!! I've started the peasant socks from that book and found the pattern so hard to follow... I'm absolutely in love with the patterns in general, but they're tough!

  8. Julia, I use a sticky note just above the row I'm working on so I can see where I came from. It makes it a lot easier, but did you see my earlier screw up?

  9. Those mittens are gorgeous! Good thing I just bought that book. What colors did you use, they are so pretty.
    I also adore that fish mitten you created. I think we all have fish on the brain-I just made a sockfish. Love yours though!

  10. Gorgeous!

    What yarn did you use? The pink/purple looks like a shade of Lorna's Laces that I've used.