Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sunfest Pictures

Thank you for the kind comments everyone. I felt warm and fuzzy inside.

Denise asked me "What are you going to use for flexible adhesive and where do you find it?"

The stuff is called Rug Backing and I got it at Wal-Mart. My very smart friend Holly suggested it to me. It goes on like glue and leaves a tacky feeling. Since it's white, I'm thinking of applying it in stripes or in a foot pattern.

Yesterday at lunch I went to Sunfest. I got some great pictures and even found some knitting!

Silk scarf: the colors are inspiring.
Kooky Critters: Love the wild painting with the bright colors.
This is my favorite picture!
Lace edging on a knitted shawl . This is the best part, the rest was , bleh.
The fug.
Colorways anyone?
These are great!
Reminds me of white and black knitting, which always looks so good.

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