Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Creation is harder than Evolution

I wish the fish mitten could just evolve! Seems like nature takes the easier route with evolution. Just try a bunch of dumb ideas and keep which ever one doesn't die. It's harder for me. Creating something takes a huge investment of time. Out of all the things required for creation, such as materials, tools and technique, I'd say time is the rarest. Nature has endless amounts of time.

So yeah, I'm not done the fish mitten, though I'm close. I don't want to show you a progress shot, I want to show you the whole damn thing! Monday night is knit night, so I got the thumb done.

Oh look! It's a
blogger blogging a blogger . And another cute dog!


  1. Maybe you need a Cutest Dog contest. Not that I'm impartial or anything. Thanks for the fabulous Tess pic - you got her smiling!

  2. Um, isn't there some kind of no pets rule on this blog....?

  3. um, is this supposed to be some comparison to me and Tess? I'm starting to wonder who the mean one is (J/K)

  4. Holly, the rule was no gratuitous shots of my pets. I never said anything about someone else's pets!

    Knitty Kat, I think you're just as cute a pet as Tess. Particularily with such a stellar knitting sample crowning your curls.