Sunday, May 25, 2008

Like Nasty Medicine

I'm well over my cold and I found that missing project. It was tucked into a cloth bag hanging in my stash closet, nice and neat, where I'd never find it. I put it back though. Today the weather is just glorious and I've spent the entire day outside.

I did manage to finish yet another project that's been lingering on the needles. It was such a chore, I just made myself do it, the same way you just plug your nose and down that Buckley's.

Jim's Boot Socks
Yarn: Philosopher's Wool
Needles: 4mm

These are toe up, with a heel flap and a tubular, sewn bind-off. They're 40sts around. The gauge is so snug, it hurts my hands to work them, plus him likes them long! But I know he'll really appreciate them on the coldest winter days. Thankfully we can put them away for a good long while.


  1. those are gorgeous socks, Laurie! They look great. I loved your Noro ones too by the way!

    Yay for spending the entire day outside. We did that yesterday in Springbank Park, and it completely drained my energy!

  2. Fabulous socks - I'm sure they will be much appreciated!

  3. Great socks. I woulnd't put them 'too far' away - we had a little snow last week ;o)