Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Return of My Favourite Sock

Sometimes, a pair of hand knit socks mean so much more than warm feet. For me, this pair is about love.

About 4 years ago, I bought myself some Regia Silk Yarn and knit myself this pair of Gothic Lace Socks.

They've been my favourite pair of socks all this time. I loved the pattern, which I found through my friend Holly and I loved the yarn, in part because I splurged on myself. But as you can see, these socks are wore through. They deserve to be honourably retired.

So when Doug's beautiful merino/tencel yarn came to me last year, I knew just what I wanted to make from it. To me, they are the ultimate Gothic lace socks because of the color. I'm just thrilled to have my favourite socks back!

I haven't written is so long, in part because I've been sick. It's just a cold, but being sick over the long Victoria Day weekend isn't much fun. I had to miss out on two really great trips. No one wants to go for a car ride with a sickie! But it did give me an opportunity to devote myself to my knitting though, since I wasn't good for much else. Aside from finishing my socks, I did an inventory of my WIPs. Some needed to get over a hump, and some needed to get ripped. One got lost. But I think it may be in the stash under the bed. I forgot about that spot.


  1. Now *that* is a truly gothic colour, and perfect for those socks!

    Sorry you've been feeling yucky, hope it goes away soon, and clean out under your bed, mkay?

  2. make that 3. You didn't hear about what we did on Monday! (go to Flickr, will post soon)

    The socks are lovely. I was wondering when you would get around to a new pair ;)

  3. I really love that pattern.

    How do you retire a sock? I tie a knot in it and it's a dog toy. (Dog has know the diff betwixt a sock with and without a knot to qualify!)

  4. Out of sickness came a thing of beauty!

  5. I love the blue socks, if that is the color. Either way, they are nice.

  6. That is a gorgeous pattern! I can see why they would be worth a second knitting.

    I hope you get to feeling better.

  7. Those socks are gorgeous. I hope you feel better soon! Extra points for being so productive when under the weather.

  8. Those are great Gothic socks!

    Sorry you felt badly over your holiday but the socks almost make up for it. No? Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Ooo, I love that sock pattern! My daughter saw it and started humming a Christmas song. Think she's hinting?