Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Still Having Fun

I'm having fun with my knitting these days. I've abandoned a lot of my "shoulds", and a few WIPs at the same time. I have this thought in the back of my head that one day I'll come back to them, but right now, I'm really enjoying my carefree knitting.

I did return to finish off the second sock of my first Noro experiment, even though these socks will never fit me.

Someone will be getting a lovely present though.

And I'm having a load of fun with this guy:

Yep, Barnacle Bill is in the works! I'm using fingering weight stash yarns and everything seems pretty good so far. I've got some plans to work around some of the details in the original and I hope they work as well as I'm envisioning.

My mom gave me some patterns last weekend, including a cool vintage Paton's sock book. Here's the cover:

Don't you just love those molded feet? I'll bet you could find them on E-bay. (Sure can!)
A nice feature of this book is the visual table of contents on the inside cover. I wish more knitting pattern books were designed this way.

There's a few patterns in this book I'd like to try, but just now I've cast on for with my merino/tencel yarn from Doug to make some Gothic lace socks. It looks lovely, but I've got horrible ladders. The yarn is very slick, so I'm thinking it might be typical of merino/tencel yarns. But I'm wondering if the pattern is exacerbating (that is a horribly difficult word to spell correctly!) the problem, since it has a ribbing to it.

I'm pulling as snugly as I can at the join and it's not helping at all. Will it wash out? Any advice?


  1. Hi Laurie,
    When teaching Socks '101', I always assured the students that the ladders would disappear with washing and wearing. But if bothered by them,
    - maybe you already know this trick - move the 'end-of-the-needle' stitches over by a couple of stitches every few rounds. You still have the ladders of course, but your eye can't follow them because they don't go in a straight line.

  2. That's my standard sock book! I made the Fishtails, which are gorgeous in a solid colour yarn. In my book the headings are switched on Fishtails and the Knotty Pines one, but it soon comes clear, as one pattern is full of yo and the other not...

  3. Love your Noro socks. I finally bought a skein to see what everyone's been talking about. Either someone "hates" 'em or they "love" 'em. I'm curious to where I'll fall in. The yarn does seem rough. But I'm willing to give 'em a chance.

  4. That Gothic Lace pattern has ribbing? It certainly is gorgeous. Hopefully it'll block out.