Thursday, August 07, 2008

And Away we Go! (Almost)

Just a quick note as tonight we are cleaning and packing and generally bustling around so that we can leave on our vacation tomorrow. Ottawa is almost an 8 hour drive from London and with Luke's temperament we have to take it in stages. The plan is to leave late in the afternoon, drive a couple hours, then stop for dinner. After that, we'll drive a few more hours then stop and stay somewhere with a pool. A swim is just the thing to de-stress everyone and stretch us out.

We've just vague plans made for what we want to see and do because it's impossible to tell if a given attraction will fall within Luke's tolerance or not (for example, big crowds are not tolerated). Also, if Luke gets too tired, his tolerance level goes down. But I'm content. I think that we know the ropes by now and we know what we need to do to have a fun vacation.

The gift knitting is all done. Here is the mitten picture I promised:

Ah, I hear the dulcet tones of my family calling me back to work! Must run!


  1. Your colorwork just amazes me. Gorgeous, Laurie!

    Have a great vacation!

  2. With all due respect to Luke and his condition, I have the same issues when traveling!

    I lurv those mittens girlfriend - you amaze me.

    Have a fantastic vacation - take it easy and slow - that's what I'd need!

  3. Darlin' - you seriously kill me with the beautiful in all the work you created. Between the husband's sweater and these mittens, I'm swooning. =)

  4. Those mittens are gorgeous!

    Have fun on your vacation! I love unstructured trips. I always feel like I got to really enjoy it instead of rushing from one thing to another.

  5. Have a great vacation! Enjoy.
    Trips with no tight schedules are the best.

  6. sigh - so lovely!! Have a good trip - you deserve it.

  7. That's a nice pair of mittens. Great job. We just had a major road trip behind us too and I understand all about taking breaks.

  8. Love the mittens!~ Have a wonderful vacation ... it's well deserved.