Thursday, August 28, 2008

Telling Tales

Yesterday, my shipment from Knit Picks arrived, containing a set of Harmony DPNs and lace blocking wires. The DPNs are all I expected them to be, but the shipping tube for the blocking wires had been crushed and then taped. I took a little peek inside and the ruler had been broken. So I called Knit Picks and their customer service rep said they'd send me a new set right away. Yippee! And I was only complaining of the ruler. When I opened the tube, I discovered that the wires themselves are bent. Jim thinks it would be impossible to ever get them truly straight again. But kudos to Knit Picks for doing the right thing, right away!

Tonight, while walking the dog, my brain was wandering and I had an idea. I have 20 balls of natural colored, aran weight Jamieson's Shetland marinating in the stash. I realized that one of the reasons I haven't worked it up yet is because the color doesn't suit anyone in the family. I do love natural colored yarns, but cream is a color best used for richly colored complexions. So why not dye it? What would be really cool is color progressions such as Ruth was showing today. If I could do ten in blue and ten in red, perhaps I could do something interesting with the charts from Kestrals Alight, from American Knitting. I realize that this is an extremely ambitious dream, but I just have to write it down. I know from experience that it won't amount to much, but ah! what fun in the dream!

Hmm.... or I could save my money for some Kauni yarn....

Oh! If you live in the US and you'd like some beautiful buttons, check out Crazycakes on Etsy. I love all her buttons, but I particularily wanted these for the Sandy Cardigan:

Oh woe is me, she doesn't ship to Canada. Good thing I've got a crafty mom to help me out.

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  1. Oh, and here I was thinking, "Gee, Laurie, I look GREAT in beige...." But dying is a good idea, too =)