Monday, August 25, 2008

A Good Start on a Fall Sweater

Vacation's over, at least for me. I had a lovely two weeks that included our trip to Ottawa, my high school reunion and last week the Olympics kept me entertained at home. Plus the weather was beautiful, so I went on some super long dog walks. Then on Saturday, we all went to the Port Stanley beach. The day was hot and the waves were strong which was great fun.

Today I felt that summer was saying good bye, but I consoled myself with the thought of the many fine days still left to us through the end of summer and into autumn. A new sweater for fall is a big consolation too.

The Sandy Cardigan is a sweater that will not photograph well lying flat. That is because of the strategic shaping knit into the sweater to mimic my curves, of which I have many in contrasting proportions. That rippling at the top of the sweater is due to the 4 extra inches added to the length of the panels to accommodate my contours. But it looks good on! I owe you a modeling shot, but I can't until I get the other side panel done. The knitting is unwieldy at this point, since you've got to flip it around and back to work on 30 odd stitches for one side.

Yes, I'm using the acrylic. Something in me was deeply satisfied with this combination. It just feels right. Also, I've asked my mother to create some ceramic buttons for me. This sweater needs something extra to give it that personalized touch. That is, in addition to the major screw up that made. A screw up that I've decided is a feature. Here's a shot of the back:

Can you guess what the screw up is?


  1. Ultimately the only person who's opinion counts is your own. I think it looks great - and the only thing that I can see the looks different is that you've got the stripes point down for the front and up for the back? Reversed the back panels did you?

  2. Did you turn one panel upside down? I like it! I was voting for the acrylic =) And homemade buttons will be the perfect finishing touch. Can't wait to see a modeling shot!

  3. The only time I have a rule of not using acrylic is if the wearer is going to be near open flame, then it's only wool or a good bast fiber. I LIKE the look of your acrylic! I think having the stripes that way on the back looks good. Does it get blue sleeves and a bit of color in the cuffs?

    Shaping is tricky -- can't wait to see the photos of you wearing the sweater.

    We're at our hottest yet, the heart of summer here. A/C is running. Lovely out in the evenings, but too hot to walk during the day. --syl