Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's weird, but I don't seem to enjoy knitting sweaters much. Too much emotional baggage perhaps. All that work knitting, planning, calculating and even if the danged thing fits, you still won't know if it will look good on you until it's all put together.

I've made good progress on my V is for Violet, but I'm so ready to be done with it already. The second sleeve is almost done too. Then I just have to work the front. I like to divvy up the work this way, because knitting two big pieces feels like such an accomplishment that still needing to work sleeves afterwards seems like a low blow.

To break things up a bit, I started a chunky cabled sleeve:

I love smooshy, chunky cables. So squishable! Funny how I can be fed up with one sweater and yet ready to start another.


  1. My goodness you've been busy!! I'm trying to decide on a sweater to knit myself - just in time for the summer heat!

    Happy Knitting!

  2. Cool swoopy cable on that blue sweater.

  3. Oh that blue looks squishy indeed! Lovely! I agree - sweaters are such a leap of faith aren't they?

  4. I always knit my sleeves at the same time - I link them in the middle with safety pins. That way I don't stuck with the tedium of the second sleeve.
    Plus the sleeves always match!

  5. I am back home and catching up on my blog reading. Laurie that shawl is outstanding. It looks wonderful on you. What a great job you did.