Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Time to Learn

It was a busy week, not only because work was busy, but also because I was putting the push on my knitting at home, hoping to get the front of my latest sweater done up for weekend finishing. Unfortunately, it didn't happen and by Friday I was feeling frisky and ready for some fun. So I bought some food coloring and following a Knitty tutorial I made this:

It was so much fun! And I love the results. I learned some things too and am already planning on doing another batch based on what I learned.

But my dye session had to be cut short this morning as Jim received a phone call that his mother was dizzy, ill and heading to the hospital. We sorted out our business and jumped in the car to be with her. She was very happy to see us and looked quite chipper considering where she was. It wasn't long before a doctor came to see us and he made a simple and very happy diagnosis: BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.

Note that word: benign. It made me happy even though I know it must very annoying to experience. Essentially, calcium build up in the ear canal creates tiny rocks that cause mixed signals to be sent to the brain resulting in dizziness and nausea. It's common in the elderly or people who have experienced head trauma. I'd never heard of such a thing, but I'm glad I know about it now.

I think this little emergency may serve as a wake up to Jim and I to visit with and cherish his mother a bit more. And now, another yarn shot, because it makes me happy. I think I shall call this color Kermit in a Blender.


  1. If the docs didn't tell you about the Epley maneuver for BPPV, it's worth looking up. (I used to work for an otolaryngologist whose patients rec'd much relief from this.) Must've been a relief to know it's nothing ominous.

    That's some stellar green. I almost bought a big enameled pot at Goodwill today in prep for overdyeing a bunch of yarn that'll be a sweater for me, but the enamel was chipped off in enough places that I thought the dye might eat through the exposed metal. Will keep looking and hope my results are half as good as yours!

  2. LOVE the yarn. Great colours. I've done some experimenting with Kool-Aid dyes. It's lots of fun. Glad to hear the diagnosis is benign.

  3. Glad to hear the MIL is fine! Kermit in a Blender - ha!!

  4. Sorry about Jim's mom. vertigo of any kind is scary! Your yarn looks winderful - and the name is perfect!

  5. I LOVE that green!!! Glad to hear everyone is as well as can be. Tomorrow Beah has Tangram at the top of her list! : )

  6. Glad to hear that Jim's Mom is god. But I'm a bit worried about Kermit. :)

  7. I'm glad all is well. I little reminder to enjoy what we have while we have it can be a good thing some times.

  8. So GOOD to hear your MIL will be OK!
    Always a relief to hear "benign"!!

    I think your green yarn is great but then I'm partial to anything greenish! Any thoughts on what you'll make with it?.