Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Crash and the Fall Out

Fall came in with a bang. Literally.

September 8, first day back to school, Jim was in an accident with my car. No one was hurt. The other vehicle was a truck and Jim was the only person in my car. He was badly bruised and shaken but no worse. My car, however, will not recover.

All week I've been telling Jim how delighted I am that the car got crumpled because it protected him beautifully. It's only a car, my husband is irreplaceable. I've been fondly reminiscing about the good times we've had in that car. It feels like this vehicle did me one last good service. I'm almost in mourning for my first, practically-new car.

It was a 2002 Intrepid that we've had for six years. At this ripe age its chief accomplishment was that it was paid for. We suspect that the insurance company will write it off, but I am currently in a state of limbo as to what vehicle I will be driving next. I do have a rental for now and it has no charge mileage on it, so after a stressful week I felt I deserved a trip to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair.

I met up with LisaRae and off we went into the blue horizon. The Fair has such a festival atmosphere and we saw a ton of London knitters there. I thought I'd take in the free classes, but I was seduced by the two ballrooms of vendors.

Over my last summer vacation I had browsed through three different yarn stores without buying a thing, so I thought I'd be safe to go to the fair. I really have no need of more yarn. It's been my mantra "I don't need more yarn." But I claim fall out of stress because I fell.

At first, I only bought a Chibi, a pattern, and some Lantern Moon DPNs, all on sale. But by the end of the day I was pacing feverishly through both ball rooms looking for the Headwater Wool booth where I'd stashed the glorious red lace weight behind some greeny-yellow. In my search, I passed the Yarn Harlot twice, and I never even thought to kinnear her. Of course I wouldn't stop to say Hi because she's famous now and we Canadians leave our celebrities alone. We feel sorry for the poor dears.

(A co-worker told me a story, about how he and his wife had spotted Rick Mercer in a restaurant while on vacation. They asked his waitress and she confirmed Rick's identity. I wanted to know if they'd got an autograph and my co-worker said, "Well no, the man was having lunch.")

I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures for you all, except here's a picture of my sin:

And the red that I snatched out of Lisa's hands when I saw her coming towards me with it. I hope I haven't traumatized her too badly, because she was an awesome companion to take to the fair. She likes linen and cotton and I like wool.

Really, I promise, I'm not going to buy more yarn.

Aw cripes, I just remembered that alpaca I bought at the Harrow Fair. Isn't there a cure for this disease?


  1. Hi Laurie, a so glad that Jim wasn't injured.
    and it certainly wasn't a sin to liberate that yarn. just think how it will have a more interesting life with you!!!
    take carexx

  2. Whew for Jim. :-( for the car, but an honorable demise nonetheless.

    Nice yarn! There are worse addictions!!

  3. I'm glad it was just tshe car that was damaged.

    Nice haul! The cure to buying yarn is to .... start spinning. :-)

  4. I just lost a car as well -- we drove through a puddle and the water got sucked into the engine and it fried the whole thing. Like you said, no one got hurt, and it is just a thing, an inconvenience. But still, I'm so glad Jim is OK. Phew.

  5. Whew, that's a stressful week. Thankfully, cars are much easier to replace than people. What gorgeous red yarn. I can't wait to see what you make out of that.

  6. I'm glad Jim wasn't hurt.

    A car wreck is an acceptable excuse to buy yarn.

    Not having a car wreck is another acceptable excuse.

  7. Laurie, i can't believe I was at the fair for 6 hours and didn't see either you or the harlot!! Guess I was concentrating on the yarn.
    Glad Jim is OK and to bad about your Intrepid. I LOVED the Intrepid.

  8. Cars are replaceable; husbands are too LOL....nah, just kidding. Your hubby is not replaceable, so I'm delighted he's not harmed.

    I saw you at the Fair MANY times [hehehe] and I saw you fondling that red yarn at the Headwater booth!

    Didn't see you Brenda and we were there for about 5 hours. I saw half of London though LOL.

  9. Cure? Let me know if you find it.

  10. Dude - the yarn fumes over came me and I mugged the Harlot for her pic. As she was walking in the door. (face/palm) Soooo unCanadian of me but what can I say. Got to stir that pot! (cough, cough)

    Glad to have seen you there. Again & again. ;p