Friday, September 18, 2009

Third Time's the Charm

Hey! Happy weekend! I hereby dedicate this weekend to rest and relaxation. I intend to make the most of the last few sunny days of patio knitting. I'm reconciling myself to the bus plan. I can tell because I've been plotting what new hand knits I'll need to keep me comfortable at the bus stop and contemplating what other projects, besides socks, I will be able to work on the bus.

Now here's a bit of something bright to change the subject with.

The yarn is Lucy Neatby's Cat's Pajamas and it was hard work finding the right pattern.
First thing I tried with this yarn was the Monkey pattern.

The yarn looks great, but the sock was too small. I once tried the Pomatomus socks and they also didn't fit. Cookie A's patterns are awesome, but these two designs have taught me the futility of spending money on any of her other patterns.

Next up I tried a slip stitch pattern that everybody said was great for wildly variegated handpaints. I can't even remember the name of the pattern, but I hate what it did with the yarn.

Perhaps I was particularly jarred by how different this version was from the charming way the colors had striped in the Monkey sock. There was no tears lost ripping this one and I could console myself with the thought of more time spent knitting this yummy yarn.

When I finally did settle on Charlene Schurch's Chevron pattern, I was so entranced I couldn't put the sock down. I sang through the first almost in one weekend. So much for savouring the knitting of my cashmere blend sock yarn. I'll just have to savour them on my feet instead.


  1. Oh I think you definitely did find exactly the right pattern - that yarn truly sings in those socks - perseverance pays off!

  2. They look wonderful -- definitely the best of the three. I have some of that in stash. I mean, not that exact colourway, but, you know. I guess I should knit it some day. :-)

  3. The chevron pattern is perfect!

  4. Yes, third time's the charm. The slip stitch is particularly not nice. But the chevron looks great.

  5. Anonymous6:15 pm

    The chevron pattern looks great! I've added it onto my queue, I've got some Lorna's Laces in Pilsen and I think this just might work with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. That's a terrific pattern - one of my favorites. It looks great with the yarn, too. You'll be the envy of the bus stop.

  7. Chevron is a lovely pattern for that yarn. Very, very pretty.

  8. Bus knitting projects, keep them small & on circs. I do lots of hats, socks, sleeves (normally I hat sleeves but they are perfect for the bus).

  9. Great Socks!

    Thanks for showing all the rejects as well as the finished socks. I have some challenging yarn that did not stripe nicely as Monkeys. I didn't know what to try next, but now I do - Chevrons!