Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Love

Last night, I reached the neck on the front of my current sweater and decided I was too tired to work the fiddly decisions required for a proper fit. But it was only 9:00 so I went stash diving and came up with this:

Oh yeah! This is more the stuff. Chuck the green chunky, bring on the teensy stitches, twisted edging and Canadian colors. I'm in love!!

Never mind that I'm suspicious I don't have enough yarn, and let's just ignore questions of fit. This is beautiful and I want to knit it all day long.


  1. What's not to love? I can't tell if it's socks or mittens, but I've been tempted to CO some stranded mittens lately (regardless of the fact that we have a slew of mittens around here already), so your project caught my eye. Love love LOVE those dusky, wintery colors.

  2. You're right. 9:00 is much too early to quit knitting These look lovely.

  3. Pure knitting for the fun of it - Yay!

  4. Love the pattern and colour. Is this the start of a pair of mitts?

  5. Love!
    Must get that book - you've pushed me right over the edge with those socks. Vermont Sheep and Wool is next weekend... Hmmm...