Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lying to Myself

Back in October I bragged that this year I wasn't going to do any Christmas knitting.  I lied. 

At first, it was just a case of finding items knit earlier in the year that would be good gifts for loved ones.  Then I realized I HAD to knit a pair of socks for my mother-in-law as a gift.  Every year, I give her a pair for Christmas, her birthday and mother's day.  After that, I dunno, things got a little out of hand.  My current knit-gift list includes:
  • a vest
  • slippers
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of fingerless gloves
Of course, this is still subject to change depending on my mood, my stash and how the knits turn out.  And honestly , most of those knits are done.  All that's left is the gloves and a pair of socks.  I've already shown you the vest and slippers.  And today, here are two pair of finished socks.

Pattern: my own, 72 sts
Yarn: Wild Fire Fibres BFL sock
Needles: 2mm

Pattern: New England from Knitting on the Road
Yarn: Paton's Kroy
Needles: 2.25mm

These socks have been on the needles for a while.  What's really been going on the last week is this:

Pattern: Druid Mittens, from Vogue Fall 2008
Yarn: Socks that Rock, Mustang Sally
Needles: 2.75mm

The back of the hand is quite pretty but you may have noticed that the thumb isn't complete.  That's because this mitten is sitting on the edge of the frog pond, preparing for a rip.  And the reason is this:

It's too short, the palm is shorter than the back of the hand, the top of the mitten is awkward and the whole thing sits on my hand crooked!  Frustrated much?  You bet!  I don't think I could wear these mittens day after day and be happy with them. 

It doesn't do to lie to oneself. 


  1. Love the play of striping around the heel on the pink pair of socks. Nice stitch pattern, too.

    Agree completely about the mittens. You'll get it right the second time. It's worth it. (YOU are worth it.)

  2. Yeah, those mittens are too good to be not quite right. Worth a fix-up.

    Beautiful socks. I especially like the pink ones, with just a touch of pretty detail stitching.

  3. The mitten wouldn't need to be ripped back all the way, just a bit to make it longer. Unless you're completely not happy then frog it!

  4. Great socks, your list seems doable to me - but then my sense of reality, knit time & ability is sometimes a bit off.

  5. Those naughty Druid mittens have been in my queue since forever. Well, maybe not forever, but since I saw them on the cover of that Vogue.

  6. Love the first pair of socks! About the lying . . . I prefer to think of it as unintentionally misleading oneself. :)