Sunday, November 08, 2009

'Tis the Season to Accessorize!

Since I last showed you knitwear, I was off work sick and we had some horrible weather which got me to thinking in terms of keeping the cold out. To that end, I present a parade of warm accessories.

First up, Canadian gloves. A variation on Nancy Bush's Canada socks from Knitting on the Road.
Jim and I are both very happy with these. The Kroy knit up very dense on 2mm needles. I had only one ball of the main color and ran out with the second thumb still to knit. I popped into Michaels with the glove in my pocket and easily matched the color with a new ball of Kroy. I love the color so I bought two. So much for de-stashing!

As an aside, walking through Michaels at this time of year, the aisles are just filled with clutter and kitsch. It made me really happy to be a knitter, creating beautiful and practical things.

Then I decided that Luke needed a nice warm hat for the 20 minute walk to school. In an effort to give him something practical and stylish, I decided to make up Struan.

It came out great and was a lot of fun to work. But Luke doesn't like the peak. He can feel it pressing in to his forehead. It does press in, but very slightly. However, Luke is sensitive and it doesn't do to argue with him. So, I knit him another hat.

This one he likes! No pattern, really. Just 2x2 rib until it was almost 11 inches, then decrease it all away.

There is over two balls of yarn in this hat. I almost always make my hats too shallow and I really wanted him to have a cuff deep enough to cover his ears. This one is almost too deep. But no matter. He likes it well enough that he was wearing it around the house all morning.

The yarn is the same as for Struan, which is a 70/30 alpaca/wool blend that is soft, squish and warm. I plan to knit him a dense pair of mittens and a loose and squishy scarf to go with his new hat. Then I know he'll be toasty and warm all winter on the way to school.

Speaking of squishy, while I was sick, my knitting brain took a holiday and I made myself some garter comfort.

For a novelty yarn, this one was a winner. It's actually got some merino wool in the blend and I love the little bit of gold sparkle in it. It whispers Christmas at me.

I knit it loosely so that it's huggable and squishy. I just love it! I bought three skeins of the yarn at the Needle Emporium's tent sale for a dollar a ball. It would make a great Christmas gift, if I can bear to give it up.

I have great plans for more accessories for family and maybe a few for Christmas, but there's also a sweater in the wings that I'm eager to get at. This time of year is great for knitters. We are so appreciated!!


  1. It would be SUCH a waste if you lived in a southern climate.

    Although I guess there would always be, ugh, cotton...

    (And what a hoot that my captcha letters on this post are: arann!)

  2. I so agree with your comment regarding having a hobby that yields beautiful but practical results! Those gloves are perfection! - colour, style, colourwork motif - love it all - very nice job!

  3. Love the hat with the peak, but can see how it might feel odd. I'm techy about hats, too. As for the depth of the stocking cap -- that is the style *and* so very much warmer on a windy morning. We lived just inside the 2-mile bus line in the mountains of northern Utah when I was Luke's age. The kids next door got to ride the bus; my brother and I walked. Deep stocking caps were the BEST.

  4. WOW. For a sick girl, you have been very productive. The gloves are wonderful. I HATE making gloves All the fingers drive me crazy, so I am doubly impressed with yous

  5. Hey Laurie, I'm the Barb that you met last week at the Ravelry knit group. It was great to meet you again and get to know you a bit more. Thanks for the YO tip regarding the February Lady Sweater. I'll be sure to come next month as I really had a great time.
    I blog occasionally about knitting but all summer I kept the buzz in my beekeeping site The Bee Journal. I'm back to knitting again now that my broken arm has healed and the cold weather is coming on.

  6. Very lovely gloves. The boys look good in their hats.

  7. Love these gloves! Such neat, neat work! :)

  8. The fit of those gloves is wonderful! And I love whatever you did with the cast on.

  9. Actually I could do with a festive fix like that novelty purple yarn with the glitz. Didn't have a genuine name, I suppose, did it? Whatever you're making, it looks lovely and luxurious.

    Got any snow there yet? We've been having nothing but torrential rain and gales for weeks. Somebody somewhere must be getting none...