Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Happy Halloween

It was a great Halloween here last night. Alex and his friends were mages: water, earth and fire.

The water mage's grandmother put these costumes together starting Friday night when the boys announced that the party they were going to was canceled and they wanted to go trick or treating. She used bedsheets and ingenuity! In return, we had the group for a hearty chili supper before they hit the streets.

This was probably the last time any of our boys will be making the rounds of the neighborhood, so I'm very glad Alex had such a great time with his friends.


  1. Clever costumes! My young man decided he's too old/big for T-o-T'ing this yr, so the evening held a different vibe for us, just the slightest bit bittersweet. Luckily, he/we segued directly into costume parties, so there's still plenty of sweets and treats.

  2. Yeah. OK. But who knit the fingerless gloves?

  3. My traditional pre trick or treating dinner has always been chile! This year is our second without anyone going out door to door - the High School Halloween Parties have started!

  4. KateinIowa7:01 pm

    Great pictures. Great times. Enjoy them while you can. Our children grow up and leave us so soon.

  5. Those are great outfits. She had bright red sheets? WOW