Monday, October 19, 2009

How It All Turned Out

It's too bad that life gets in the way of knitting. Sunday, I stopped to walk the dog, eat dinner and I even went to bed early. But I did get so far as one arm band completed. My teensy-weeny yarn cake only got me so far as three rows of ribbing and I had to cast off. At this point, three rows seemed pretty darned good.

But the remaining yarn wasn't enough to cast off with. There was ten stitches on the needle when the yarn ran out. I believed I had started with the slightly smaller ball, so I spliced in the second ball and completed the cast off.

Monday, I had to go to work. Terrible, I know. And when I got home, I had to eat and walk the dog AGAIN. He wouldn't negotiate that.

So I knew I had three rows to knit and then time to cast off. This time there was even more stitches on the needles when the yarn ran out, maybe 30 or more. What to do? I needed to splice in more yarn... Oh yes! The ends!

I started sewing in the ends and as I completed each one, I spliced in the reminder to the yarn on the needles. I must have spliced in 5 or six little pieces. Sometimes they came apart as I started the cast off, but I just spliced them back in and kept going. And you know what?

Yeah, I know, even Jim looks surprised. He was watching Lie To Me and it was getting to the climax. The poor guy worked hard to day, and he was in the middle of an interesting program, yet he still took the time to put on a good shirt and model the vest.

He hasn't decided if he likes it yet, and I'm not pushing him on it. He claims he is "not a vest guy". But if he doesn't want it, I bet my dad will.

So thank you, everyone, for your rooting and cheering. Don't you love it when the story has a happy ending?


  1. Don'cha just hate how those stupid things like work and sleep get in the way of the knitting sometimes?!

    Good save on the vest!

  2. It's a very nice vest. I'm sure Dad will love it.

  3. YAY!

    I hate it when you see the end of the yarn comin' at you.

    Nice save.

  4. Luck + patience + perseverance = happy ending (yippee!!)

  5. The vest is great!! I hope he decides he likes it - he has the perfect physique for vests. And thanks for the Public Service Announcement. Maybe it should be called Knitters Service.

  6. Wow -- you did it! I was rather hoping you'd make the bands the same width as a bit of ribbing -- I was curious to see how that would look. And that man of yours sure can wear clothes. Does he have any idea of the effect he has?

  7. Oh there is nothing better than a happy knit ending!

  8. Hurray! I wish I had a vest guy at my place, a little friend of Jakes asked me to knit him a sweater vest & I'll be doing it.