Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Following the Happy

When knitting to please myself, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what project gets worked on, so please, don't ask me to explain. I'm just following my happy-making knitting. And tonight, I'm thrilled with this:

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I fell in love with the start of this project. The pattern is the Canada sock from Knitting on the Road. But the pattern was too snug to go over Jim's heel (the man has aristocratic arches and a deep, though narrow, heel). I was so enamored, I ripped back and began reworking it as a glove. And it fits like one too.

My favourite way to work gloves is to have the recipient try it on as I go. This ensures a perfect fit, even if it does drive the recipient a little batty, as they are asked to try it on during television, while drinking coffee or playing a video game. But Jim is well pleased with the snugness of it, and I'm pleased with how dense the Kroy 4-ply worked up on 2mm needles. There's only one fly in my ointment.

Tonight I cast on the second glove and in doing so I realized that I made a pretty big boo-boo in the cast on.

There's one row main color in the twist on the first one (to the left), but the second glove's cast on is the correct method. The second one (on the right) looks better in my opinion. Lucky for me, I'm not a fanatic about perfect matchiness. In fact, I think this rather charming. I guess it must be true love.


  1. "aristocratic arches." I'm not even sure what an aristocratic arch would look like, but it sure sounds elegant. Gorgeous gloves. I wish I weren't so intimidated by the fingers.

  2. We have "patrician feet" according to my dad.

    I love that you transformed the pattern into gloves. Wow. You should post a photo to Ravelry so Nancy Bush can see. Bet she'll be thrilled with your ingenuity.

  3. I love those gloves (well, that ONE glove, at least). I'm not sure if it's the cozy colors or the great stranding or just my underlying urge to knit some stranded mittens, but that's an excellent FO.

  4. Hey Meg,

    My granma told me that she had aristocratic arches because the instep was so high a stream of water could run underneath it.

  5. Gorgeous, not showing Mark, he keeps asking for gloves.

  6. I thought I recognized it! What a great save - looks fabulous.

  7. Great redo!!! I like Canada even better as gloves -very beautiful (handsome) gloves:-)
    I drive Dave crazy making him try on socks/mittens. He'll be all snuggled under the covers at night and if I'm getting near the toes, I'll force him to pull his feet out and try on socks in progress - reminding him ever so gently that if he doesn't try them on, I won't make anymore for him.