Sunday, October 11, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving all you Canadians, and happy Soctoberfest to all you knitters!

This year, I'm thankful for:
  1. A sturdy car that protected Jim in the accident.
  2. That Jim was able to get his feet under him and get working again.
  3. A healthy family.
  4. An over abundant stash. :)
Yesterday, I was looking over the socks drying in the laundry room and I noticed that Jim's Clessidra were wore through on the ball of the foot. These socks were finished in April of 2007, and considering that Jim likes them so well he wears them frequently, I'd have to say the sock yarn held up very well. But still, it would be a heart wrencher to throw knee socks into the trash. So darn it all, I darned them!

Jim tried them on and said he couldn't feel the difference. There was still some of the original yarn left, so I wove it through the last remaining nylon of the stitches vertically, and then wove in some more horizontally. That extra thickness may just give Jim another two years from these socks. I hope.

While working with the socks, I admired the pattern anew. I may just knit them again someday. The stash even has 4 skeins of the burgundy Regia silk originally called for in the pattern. Jim would be happy I'm sure.

And now presenting new socks:

My hand-dye, Nancy Bush's Madder Ribbed pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks (sort of, I used my preferred heel and toe). These are for Luke. It's hard to believe his sweet soft baby feet have grown into such long flippers.


  1. Nice darning! I have a heap of socks in the darning basket.

    I know what you mean about the giant feet on our teens -- who'd have thunk it that my little blond sweetheart could wear size 11 shoes?

    That green yarn is perfect.

  2. I darn my hand knit socks too. It is just such a pity to throw out socks that are perfectly good in all ways except one small area.