Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Things

Finally, I have a finished object to show!  You are probably not surprised to see that it is a pair of socks:

Pattern: Nancy Bush's Child's First Sock
Yarn: Fleece Artist Nyoni in color Orchid
Needles: 2.5mm

I thought I was making myself a pair of socks, but I wasn't.  These annoy me somehow.  It's not the color variation between the pair.  I almost expect that from Fleece Artist.  I think it's that the color is too close to the color of my skin.  The socks make think of bacon.  With a color name like orchid I thought they would be flowery spring time socks.  Instead, I want a BLT when I see them.

It's just me though.  Jim thinks they are lovely socks.  He doesn't think of bacon when when he sees them and he and the boys think that bacon is nature's perfect food. 

I've decided to put them away for a future gift.  Mother's day is coming you know.  Spring has already arrived in sounthern ontario.  There are crocuses, ducks on the neighbour's pool and at work they had to send out a notice that the Canada geese are back so please drive careful in the parking lot! 


  1. I just stood outside extra long yesterday so I could inhale the scent of our hyacinths. Soooooo wonderful!

    mmm...bacon. ;-)

  2. I'm working on a cable project that currently looks more like scar tissue than pretty fabric. Definitely going to be a gift, even though everyone else thinks the thing looks great. Eye of the beholder?

    Your socks are pretty, but if you don't like them, definitely give them away to someone who does. Or, you could overdye...! I've used grape kool-aid or occasionally black cherry on more flubbed-ish projects and ended up really liking them.

  3. If you can't shake the bacon its best to stow them among the gifts...I'm like that too...very prone to suggestion!;)

  4. Only in Canada, eh? Receiving a memo to avoid the CG in the parking lot. So cute.

  5. Mary Jane6:08 pm

    wiki blog link to Forest City Knit Club is not working. Just thought I would let you know.

  6. Thanks Mary Jane! It's fixed.

  7. The socks are pretty and you're very much right, they look like skin.

  8. How did you like working with Nyoni, and how did you like the fabric it produced?

    I'm thinking of using it for a sweater project with a cable lace pattern at 28 sts/4".