Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dang Hot!

It's been too hot for much of anything this past week.  Too hot to steam block, but I did it anyway, for all six panels of my Lizard Ridge blanket.  I didn't want to wet block it and leave it home to dry all week in the care of my husband and teen-aged boys.  The steam block worked just fine and it was quite the thrill to see how the Noro softened up and how the panels looked flat with all their glorious colors on display.

It's been too hot to seam a wool blanket, but I did work up two seams anyway.  I love mattress stitch, but this is a bit fiddly because I want the waves to line up.  Plus, there's the yarn I carried up the edge confusing things a bit, and some of the colors blend to the point that there are no waves.  Only three more seams to go, but I'm waiting for the cooler weather.

It's just too hot for the Lizard Ridge blanket.  KnitTech wanted to know how long my Lizard is.  Ahem.  It's long enough to satisfy me, but I think Jim would like it to be longer. 

So what does a Canadian knitter work on during the sweltering mugginess of an August weekend when she wants a little fun? Cat mittens by Jorid.

Oh yeah!  That hit the spot!

And, if you'd rather see some hot lace, go check out the new pattern by FishyKissKnits. Lace and beads and colors, oh my!


  1. Mary Jane5:49 pm

    Love your mittens. Some Canadians go yarn shopping rather than knitting in the heat!

  2. Anonymous4:32 am

    you are an awesome knitter!

  3. Oh, those are great. I love Jorid's patterns.

    It hasn't been too hot here, but by the time I sit down to knit in the evening, I don't get very far before my eyes go blurry and it's time to hit the sack. Oh well.

    Today: Fabric closet clean-out!

  4. What cute mittens...Luv them...meow!

  5. I'm home from the north now and catching up on blog reading. You are right about the muggy weather. At the trailer, we have little humidity - too far north. But arriving home Saturday night - whew!
    Anyway, I LOVE your mittens - a great summer project.

  6. Oh gosh...LOVE the kitty paws!

  7. What Mary Jane said! LOL. Love the mitts!

  8. I love the mitts. I am thinkin of adding them to my Christmas knitting list.