Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day as a Telecommuter

Today was my first day of working at home.*  My perks include:
  • Zero commute: just roll out of bed and cruise down the hall.
  • Superior break room: not only does my kitchen have anything I want for lunch, it also includes my family to enjoy lunch with. I played Rock Band during my break with my son, then took the dog out to the yard to play ball for a few minutes.
  • Quiet: almost too quiet.  I found myself singing out loud to myself.  I've had to train myself not to talk to myself out loud at work so I wouldn't disturb my co-workers. I don't want to unlearn that skill!
  • Music: I can play my music out loud instead of having to wear headphones.  Which could be a cure for the previous perk.
I got a lot of work done, but I did miss my co-workers.  My office assistant kindly helped me out by coming over for a pat periodically.  

*Actually Friday was my first day, but it's a bad memory.  I couldn't get my laptop to connect wirelessly.  The fix involved some highly technical shenanigans that included resetting my router. 

I couldn't remember the router's password and so I called Jim at work to ask him if he could remember.  Then my eldest son said that he and his friend had reset the password and he explained that the reason was because they could never remember the password.  "Well good!" I exclaimed "What's the password then?"  His response: "I forget."


  1. I telecommuted once for about three weeks. It was a disaster. LOL! I'd get up at 5am, make coffee, turn on the computer while still in jammies and say, "I'm just going to do ONE thing." Next thing I knew, it was 2pm, I was still unshowered, teeth unbrushed, still in jammies...but I got a heck of a lot of work done! LOL! Luckily I only had to do this for three weeks before my real office was rewired and I could join the unjammied world once more.

  2. Heck, yeah, working at home is AWESOME. Speaking of which, I better get to it!

  3. I watched a documentary a few years ago about a company that went full bore telecommute. Every one worked from home all the time. Before long they re-opened office space and had folks work from the office at least one day a week. The reason given was that employees felt unconnected to the company and missed the human contact. It looks like that's the model many companies are now using.

  4. Oh fun!! That's a great work enviornment.

  5. Telecommute is sure better than 401 commute. Hope it works for you.

  6. Oh my Todd! You have to love teenagers!! I laughed out loud when reading about the router password!

  7. Nadine & I both. Glad that today was better!

  8. We don't even know how to add a password to our router - so you guys are way ahead of us!!