Monday, May 23, 2011

Beyond Thrilled

Sometimes you just have to strike while inspiration is hot. This weekend, I spun myself sore but I managed to finish my first skein of sock yarn.  This fluff:

Became about 210 yards of this fingering weight 3-ply yarn:

Which is knitting up into this sock:
I'm so thrilled with this yarn. My patient husband endured many exclamations of happiness and joy.  It was worth sore legs and achy shoulders. I didn't injure myself and today I took it easy and didn't touch my wheel. 

But now have to do it again. Is there such a thing as second sock spinning syndrome? Just as a knitter puts variations into the second sock to mix things up a bit, I'm thinking of spinning the second sock differently. The sock is knitting up super dense, but with a smooth feel. I'm thinking of spinning the second skein of sock yarn with less twist in both the single and the plying. This way I can compare how they wear and learn how much extra twist is really required for durable socks.

Way back, when I first started to seriously knit socks I experimented with heels, toes, toe-up and bind offs, searching for my what I liked, what fit, and what wears well.  Now I feel like I'm on the same journey, only I'm now in search of how to best spin sock yarn.

There's a little voice in the back of my head saying "Gee, that's an awful lot of work for socks." But I'm ignoring it.  The heart knows what it wants and mine is singing for joy over the wonder of this new journey I'm on.


  1. Mom2Schnauzers6:52 pm

    You've renewed my desire to learn to spin! Now, to find the time...

  2. I'm not sure what's better. The sock, or the joy you're experiencing with all this sock experimentation!

  3. Your spinning looks super amazing! Have fun experimenting with the second sock.

  4. The yarn is beautiful. I don't need a wheel, I don't need a wheel, I don't need a wheel.

  5. Its funny how critical it is to "share" the joy with those around isn't it? I know my husband couldn't give a toss about anything related in any way to yarn but still he patiently "listens" to my endlessly telling him all about how fabulous it really is. I don't know how much I'd enjoy the whole thing if I had to keep quiet about it and all I'm doing is knitting the stuff - you're making it from scratch! How fun!

  6. Those are GORGEOUS!!