Friday, May 06, 2011

Break away, and OMG! I did that!

So yeah, Hi! How have ya been?  I had a nice break.  My first in what, five years? The technology is changing and it might be time for me to change with it.  I'm contemplating Twitter, and I'm thinking about dropping blogging. Life is very full and busy right now.  I'm not sure where the pieces fit.  So my plan is to try blogging again, and see if I enjoy it or if it becomes one more chore.  If a chore, then I'm afraid it must go.

There's still plenty of fiber fun going on.  I've finished some hats, socks and the body of a sweater.  I also made this, from my own spindle-spun yarn:
I still can't believe it! I spun that! The fiber was BFL from Viola that I spun and plied on my Forrester spindles. Here's the original fiber:

The pattern is Multnomah, but I added my own twist to it with a crochet picot bind off and a picot shell ruffle around the neck edge. It adds depth to a piece when a design element is layered; in this case, the element of scallops. I was careful not to block out the ruffles and the frilly picots. I especially love the loopy ends the crochet work added.

I've been admiring this ever since it came off my needles (and hook in this instance). I find it hard to believe that I made this yarn after only a few months of spinning.  And I determined I had to get a wheel, because with more practice, how much better can I get!!

So, tonight I bought one, and it is here in my living room. Talk about your impulse purchases.  Speaking of impulses, I have one right now to stop writing and go back to spinning.


  1. Glad to find you back. Great yarn and shawl. Please don't move over to twitter.

  2. I was worried about you, so it is nice to see you post. You are right though, if blogging starts to be a chore it is no longer worth it. Having said that I would really hate to see you stop - I love reading your blog! The shawl is very nice. Well done on the spinning too!

  3. Lovely job on the shawl, from spinning to finishing. I'm in the same place w/ my blog, except I'm barely even knitting lately. Big changes around here in the past wk, though, so I'm not making any decisions about the blog's future yet, as it's still the way I stay in touch with many of the people who are important to me.

  4. I've also been hearing the Sirens calling me to twitter. My server was down for almost two weeks and I wandered onto twitter via my bb. Quite addicting. I got into election related stuff which was both fascinating and frustrating (as is my team didn't win!).

    Are there knitter type #'s?

  5. Dave Daniels7:40 pm

    I prefer blogging because it's a great way to keep track of projects, progress, all that.
    And, as for the bomb at the end of the post??? DETAILS on the wheel. please! What did you get?

  6. Hi Laurie! Nice to see you back. :) I am also contemplating dropping the blogging, but am on the fence. Personally, I really enjoy reading your blog, so I hope you stay. Guess we'll have to see which one of us drops first! Congrats on the wheel, and the yarn you've already spun. It looks lovely!

  7. Love the roving; love the yarn you spun; love the shawl you're knitting! Love that you're blogging too.

    I find I have less time for tweeting...too much going on in that neck of the woods. I enjoy blogging, but at this time of year I can only read and seldom write.

  8. Nice job on the shawl. Very nice color blending.

  9. Well Chick,

    You've managed readership - they will always want you to stick it out. You need to do what works for you. BUT, consider your blog as a bit of a time capsule of your life. It's not always easy but it sure can be fun!